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“They are one of the best company’s I’ve ever dealt with”

“With a plan for the majority of my work to come from wheel alignment, it was critical that I found an equipment supplier who would offer a speedy response if needed and wouldn’t leave me stranded for days or even weeks in the event of an equipment problem,”

“I knew I wanted a Hunter system because of the brand’s reputation, but I wasn’t sure which particular model,” he added. “I spoke to a few other people and they told me to just bite the bullet and go for the top system. They said it’s faster and easier to use and I wouldn’t regret it. I’m delighted to say that they were right!”

, ATEC Align Case Study

“The aligner is so easy to use but beyond that, Pro-Align has been absolutely fantastic to deal with. They genuinely are one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with. Their support and reputation was one of the main reasons why I bought the system and I’ve not been disappointed. The customer service has been really good.”

“I’d definitely say go for a Hunter system. The Pro-Align and Hunter combination is really excellent. Obviously depending on budget workshops will have to consider if they go for the Elite TD or an entry level system, but for me, it’s Hunter all the way!”

ATEC Align, Huddersfield – Wo Chong Lee, Owner

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