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Hunter’s QuickGrip wheel adaptors have been expertly designed to fit to most passenger vehicle wheel sizes without having to make time-consuming adjustments, saving your business time and slashing labour costs.

More conventional wheel alignment systems can sometimes take more than 10 minutes to complete an assessment. The Hunter Elite TD and its QuickGrip adapters provides fast and accurate results in a fraction of the time, saving on labour hours and increasing efficiency and profitability in your workshop.

Conventional electronic-sensor system:

🔴 4 trips around the vehicle
🔴 6 trips to the console
🔴 246 walking steps
🔴 10-minute procedure

Hunter Elite TD:

✅ 1 trip around the vehicle
✅ 0 trips to the console
✅ 72 total walking steps
✅ Results printed out in just 70 seconds

With the addition of the Hunter Elite TD in your workshop, you can conduct a wheel alignment check and identify wheel alignment adjustment opportunities in seconds, and with the QuickGrip adaptors, can speed up this process which in turn allows your business to sell more alignment servicing.

To find out more about how Elite TD and its QuickGrip adapters can help your business boost profit and revenue, call us on 01327 323007.