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Greg Thompson – Group Accounts and O.E.M Director

By December 14th, 2023No Comments


Meet Greg Thompson: The strategic maestro behind Pro-Align’s national success

Navigating the highways and byways of the automotive industry requires a deft touch and acute business acumen. Cue in Greg Thompson, who has seamlessly bridged accounts with the intricacies of OEM as Pro-Align’s Group Accounts and O.E.M Director. With an Opel Manta marking his initial foray into the world of cars and a penchant for stretching, scratching, and sipping coffee every morning, Greg’s tales are as varied as his music choices during drives. Let’s traverse deeper into the intriguing life of this national luminary.


Phone: 0787 6648922

LinkedIn: Greg Thompson

Get to know Greg:

  • Early driving memories? Opel Manta, made even more special by acquiring both car and motorcycle licenses on the very same day.
  • Morning routine? Commencing the day with a stretch, perhaps a scratch, and certainly a coffee.
  • Musical interludes? It’s a toss-up between Radio 2, Capital or Heart – unless his daughter commandeers the playlist.
  • Car dreams? The classic charm of a ’65-’66 Mustang F/Back resto mod or the opulence of an Aston Martin DB5.
  • Unwinding mantra? Nothing beats a braai, a beer, and balmy tunes in the company of cherished friends.
  • Cinematic inclination? “The Wild Geese” takes the crown – definitely not anything in the Barbie cinematic universe.
  • Holiday aspirations? Sun-soaked locales or the ski slopes of the USA, though the true favourite is a mystery reserved for the future.
  • Pro-Align journey? Charting success since 2003
  • Equipment sentiment? Choosing a favourite piece of Pro-Align equipment is akin to picking a favourite child for Greg.
  • Guidance for workshops? Prioritise technological prowess. Splurge on user-friendly tools that promise lucrative returns.

When it comes to deftly navigating the realms of accounts, OEM, and automotive technology, Greg is the go-to authority. Need insight into the latest trends or simply in the mood for an intriguing car chat? Reach out to Greg.