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What is it?

The Hunter Elite TD is the gold standard of wheel alignment servicing equipment, hailed in workshops across the world as the leader in imaging alignment technology. So, what sets the system apart from its competitors to earn it such accolades?

Firstly, the innovative system uses patented technology to deliver fast measurement times and accurate, repeatable results in under 70 seconds. The Elite TD’s concept and design innovations have helped to streamline the alignment process, giving a diagnosis in a matter of seconds, leading your workshop to identify and fix alignment opportunities, fast.

Who is it for?

The Hunter Elite TD caters to a variety of businesses looking to boost income and revenue by offering premium four wheel alignment, including:

✅   Franchise dealerships
✅   Independent garages
✅   Independent tyre retailers
✅   National or regional tyre dealer groups
✅   Bodyshops
✅   PDI centres

Why do I need one?

Alignment jobs typically return profit margins of around 88 per cent, far higher than other work such as replacement tyres and brakes. With the Hunter Elite TD and its QuickGrip adapters, your workshop will be able to unlock significant revenue generating opportunities, saving time and labour costs.

How can I find out more?

The Hunter Elite TD is exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Pro-Align and is backed by the Pro-Align promise to support you and your team to optimise equipment use.

To discover how the Elite TD can help your business unlock further revenue opportunities fast and efficiently, call us on 01327 323007.