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What is it?

Road Force Elite is the world’s fastest diagnostic wheel balancer from Hunter. Using ground-breaking, patented technology, the Road Force Elite can identify and solve the most challenging wheel vibration issues in just 70 seconds, making it even quicker than a standard balancer!

The innovative system measures tyre forces known as Road Force Variation (RFV) and Lateral Force (LF) to conduct a full diagnostic of the wheel and tyre assembly. It does this by scanning the wheel rim and applying a load via a roller to take the wheel and tyre assembly on a simulated road test.

Where RFV is identified, the balancer then provides a ‘ForceMatching’ recommendation which matches the stiff spot on the tyre with the low spot on the wheel rim, minimising any vibrations to give a smoother ride. Where LF is identified, the Road Force Elite advises of the best position on the vehicle to counteract it for a straighter drive.

Who is it for?

Road Force Elite is the right investment for workshops looking to boost profit and revenue through solving wheel vibration issues for their customers, including:

🧰   Independent garages
🧰   Independent tyre retailers
🧰   National or regional tyre dealer groups
🧰   Bodyshops
🧰   Franchise dealerships

Why do I need one?

Road Force Elite provides a number of built-in features to enable businesses to solve even the most difficult of wheel vibration issues, all in a matter of seconds.

With the addition of SmartWeight technology your staff can identify imbalanced forces in the wheel and the innovative system will recommend the combined correction weight to bring the balance within the tolerance. This requires the use of fewer balance weights and is a more efficient and accurate way of providing wheel balancing services and increasing customer retention.

How can I find out more?

Pro-Align is the sole distributer of Hunter wheel alignment and diagnostic equipment in the UK and Ireland, and all of our equipment is backed by the Pro-Align promise to support you and your team to optimise your equipment use.

To discover how the Hunter Road Force Elite diagnostic wheel balancer can help your business unlock further revenue opportunities fast and efficiently call us on 01327 323007.