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What is it?

The Hunter WAHD is a sophisticated wheel alignment system designed exclusively for commercial vehicles. The revolutionary aligner can carry out fast and accurate wheel alignment diagnostics for multi-axle trucks in just four minutes.

Who is it for?

✅   The Hunter WAHD is perfect for workshops servicing commercial vehicles such as HGVs and other larger vehicles such as coaches and buses.

Why you need one / how it will help you?

With other conventional commercial vehicle alignment systems, technicians are required to carry out 17 different operations, taking around 15 minutes to compete a full diagnostic. A much slicker and streamlined process can be carried out with the WAHD requiring only seven steps, all completed in just four minutes. This not only saves time but also reduces labour costs, helping workshop owners to overcome time challenges and boost both profit and revenue for their business.

How can I find out more?

The Hunter WAHD is available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from Pro-Align and is back by the Pro-Align promise to support you and your team to optimise equipment use.

To find out more about Hunter and its dedicated commercial vehicle servicing equipment, call 01327 323 007 to speak to one of our team.