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Introducing our Essentials Range systems

Provide superior wheel alignment services with our commercial equipment from Hunter. At Pro-Align, we provide a variety of Hunter garage equipment options, offering both affordability and efficiency. Explore our range of garage equipment below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Our Products

  • The SmartWeight Pro

    The SmartWeight Pro

    A low-cost but highly effective wheel balancing system, perfect for any vehicle workshop. Brought to you by Hunter.

  • The Hunter TCX52

    The Hunter TCX52

    An essential tyre changer for vehicle workshops on a budget. The Hunter TCX52 is a reliable low-cost commercial tyre changer.

  • The Hunter TCX 45

    The Hunter TCX 45

    Using a manual swing arm this tyre changer is small but effective. Perfect for smaller budgets.

  • The Hunter PA200 PLUS

    The Hunter PA200 PLUS

    The Hunter PA200 Plus will allow you to perform wheel alignments quickly and accurately at a low cost, making it ideal for any workshop.

  • The Hunter PA200 LITE

    The Hunter PA200 LITE

    Use innovative Hunter wheel alignment technology with the Hunter PA200 Lite. The PA200 benefits from superior technology, delivering fast and accurate alignment.