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Introducing our Tyre Changers systems

Improve your workshop’s efficiency with quick and easy tyre changing equipment.

Hunter tyre changers use innovative technology to improve accuracy and speed, giving your customers the best service possible. With a variety of options, we have light vehicle tyre changers for all workshop sizes and budgets.

Our Products

  • The Hunter Revolution

    The Hunter Revolution

    The most advanced fully automated tyre changer on the market.

  • The Hunter Auto34R

    The Hunter Auto34R

    A reliable tyre changer with unmatched capability. The Hunter AUTO34S is ideal for all workshops.

  • The Hunter TCX70

    The Hunter TCX70

    An exceptional wheel changer perfect for busy workshops working on low profiles, difficult alloys and run-flats.

  • The Hunter TCX56

    The Hunter TCX56

    A high performance, reliable commercial tyre changer. Well suited to workshops of all budgets.

  • The Hunter TCX54

    The Hunter TCX54

    A conventional tilt column tyre changer. Perfect for vehicle workshops looking for commercial equipment on a budget.

  • The Hunter TCX52

    The Hunter TCX52

    An essential tyre changer for vehicle workshops on a budget. The Hunter TCX52 is a reliable low-cost commercial tyre changer.

  • The Hunter TCX 45

    The Hunter TCX 45

    Using a manual swing arm this tyre changer is small but effective. Perfect for smaller budgets.