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Introducing our OEM Approved Volkswagen systems

Our Products

  • The VAS6292 Wheel Aligner

    The VAS6292 Wheel Aligner

    This advanced wheel aligner uses Hunter’s innovative technology to deliver superb alignment.

  • The VAS791 001 RX45 Wheel Alignment lift

    The VAS791 001 RX45 Wheel Alignment lift

    With premium safety features, this scissor lift reduces technician error and provides exceptional capabilities.

  • The VAS6533 Wheel Balancer

    The VAS6533 Wheel Balancer

    This is a state-of-the-art wheel balancer that improves the efficiency of wheel servicing.  

  • The VAS6230BE Vibration Control System

    The VAS6230BE Vibration Control System

    This highly advanced diagnostic wheel balancer is designed to address complex vibration and tire pull problems.

  • The VAS741 005 Revolution

    The VAS741 005 Revolution

    Avoid costly damage with fully automated tyre changing thanks to Hunter’s innovative technology.

  • The VAS 741075 -TCX70

    The VAS 741075 -TCX70

    A robust tyre changer by Hunter designed for high-usage.

  • The VAS 6560 -TCX54

    The VAS 6560 -TCX54

    Get real value for money with this tilt column tyre changer from Hunter.