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Optimise your vehicle workshop with Pro-Align wheel alignment accessories and more. Our meticulously crafted tools, including the Teknel Butterfly Induction Heater and wheel alignment accessories like the EasiWheel Trolley, and EasiPortable Turnplate Kit, are designed for efficiency.

Pro-Align’s accessories offer versatility to cater to diverse workshop needs, from quickly unlocking bolts to transforming your workspace into a flexible alignment bay. Boost productivity, save time and costs with tools that streamline your processes and contribute to long-term savings through precise alignments and reduced tyre wear.

Join the ranks of satisfied workshops that have chosen Pro-Align for proven performance, reliability, and durability. Contact us to find out more.

Our Products

  • The Teknel Butterfly Induction Heater

    The Teknel Butterfly Induction Heater

    A lightweight portable induction heater perfect for all vehicle workshops, the Teknal Butterfly is developed to guarantee the highest performance and reliability. If you’re looking for a trustworthy induction heater for bolt removal and more, you can find it here at Pro-Align.

  • The EasiWheel Trolley

    The EasiWheel Trolley

    Make wheel alignment and daily garage operations easier with the EasiWheel trolley. Designed for eight tyres or four complete wheel assemblies, this minimises workshop labour time, reduces physical strain on technicians, and ensures a consistent workflow.

  • The EasiPortable Turnplate Kit

    The EasiPortable Turnplate Kit

    Transform flatbed lifts or pits into an alignment bay with the portable turnplate kit. Make workshop life more flexible.