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Introducing our Wheel Aligners systems

With exclusive access to the market’s leading wheel alignment systems from Hunter, Pro-Align is an essential marketplace for vehicle workshop owners.

Wheel alignment is a growing market which we can help you become a part of. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our wheel alignment machines and how they operate.

Our Products

  • The Hunter Elite TD

    The Hunter Elite TD

    The most powerful wheel alignment tool available to workshops today, the Hunter Elite TD is a leader in imaging alignment and wheel alignment servicing. It uses computerised alignment to deliver the fastest measurement times with accurate results.

  • The Hunter PA200 ACE

    The Hunter PA200 ACE

    Perform wheel alignments in record time and at any height, with the Hunter PA200 ACE. This aligner system uses HawkEye digital imaging technology, which is optimised for both speed and efficiency.

  • The Hunter PA200 PLUS

    The Hunter PA200 PLUS

    The Hunter PA200 Plus will allow you to perform wheel alignments quickly and accurately at a low cost, making it ideal for any workshop.

  • The Hunter PA200 LITE

    The Hunter PA200 LITE

    Use innovative Hunter wheel alignment technology with the Hunter PA200 Lite. The PA200 benefits from superior technology, delivering fast and accurate alignment.