The Road Force Elite

The Road Force Elite diagnostic wheel balancer may look like a normal balancer; but that’s where the similarities stop. It is a smarter and faster solution, for solving difficult to diagnose vibration and tyre pull issues and in delivering a superior balance service.

Hunter’s SmartWeight methodology means your workshop can balance wheel assemblies rapidly, more effectively and uses far less weights than ever before.

Raise your workshops game by solving tricky wheel balance issues fast with a first time fix and become the ‘go to’ vibration experts.

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Hunter’s impressive RFEMBE Road Force is the fastest wheel balancer in the world.

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Product Overview

The Road Force Elite is the first and only balancer to diagnose vibration issues, completes the balance 20% faster than any conventional wheel balancer, but also enables your workshop to eliminate customer’s vibration issues/comebacks for good.
As the wheel spins up, the wheel rim is automatically scanned and profiled with Hunter’s NEW patented ‘Vision System’. Simultaneously, a wheel balance check is made and the diagnostic load roller lowers, taking the whole wheel assembly on a simulated ‘Road test’.

The full diagnostic spin takes just 70 seconds to deliver the SmartWeight balance and tyre uniformity Road Force Variation and Lateral Force results. In the event of a Uniformity ‘Fail’, the technician is taken step-by-step through Force Matching or tyre rotation solutions, before a final SmartWeight balance.

The Hunter Road Force Elite unlocks significant time, money and weight savings, simplifies the operations and delivers a visually better balance. The Road Force Elite can revolutionise your wheel service business and deliver total customer satisfaction.


Why invest in the SmartWeight Pro Wheel Balancer?

Diagnostic Load Roller

Identifies road force variation, rim errors and force matching solutions, resulting in better balanced wheels.

Vision System

Automatically scans and profiles wheel rims to create a 3D image. Speeds up measurements and helps your technicians strategically place weights.

SmartWeight Balance

Save time and up to 30% on weight costs while achieving a better balance and improve wheel rim appearance.

HunterNet Integration

Balancer data is immediately accessible across the business and helps with weight stock management.

Intuitive Touch Screen

Lots of on-demand videos to help train technicians, using fingertip operation even when wearing gloves.

Automatic Centring Check & Daily e-calibration

Eliminate set up errors and ensure accurate centring.

A new dimension

Taking four wheel alignment to a new professional dimension, the Hunter Elite TD delivers an unrivalled alignment time, typically in under 90 seconds. This provides an unequalled level of productivity and profitability. Hunters technology is leading the the industry with its radical new QuickGrip integrated wheel targets and single roll forward QuickComp. It has literally rewritten the rim runout compensation rule book!

Features SmartWeight Pro Lite GSP9200 Touch Road Force® Elite
Equipment Type Value Standard Balancer Standard Wheel Balancer Diagnostic Wheel Balancer
Max Assembly Weight 68Kg 68Kg 79Kg
Max Assembly Diameter (inches) 38 in 38 in 38 in
Cycle Time, Floor to Floor (seconds) 75 Sec 67 Sec
Color LCD Display
Servo Stop
BDC Laser
CenteringCheck® Automatic
Training Videos
3D Modeling of tire/wheel assembly
eCal™ X
Touch Screen X
Road Force® Measurement X X
Runout Measurement X X
Rim Runout Measurement X X
Inflation Station X X
Auto-Up Hood X X
TranzSaver™ X X
BullsEye™ Collets Option Option
Automatic Runout Measurement X X
Rim Scan NEW X X
Dual Camera Vision System NEW X
Automatic Wheel Measurement NEW X
Hammerhead option
Printer X
Wheel Lift
Manufacturer Approvals X VWG VWG, MB, Aston Martin, JLR

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