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Business tip: Reduce your business’s insurance costs with Teknel


Business tip: Reduce your business’s insurance costs with Teknel

By December 21st, 2022No Comments

The Teknel Induction Heater range is an incredibly versatile alternative to open flame tools. The flameless system provides ten different levels of heat with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to reach even the most difficult of spaces without the risk of injury or damage to the vehicle.

Not only is this alternative safer during use but it also means there is no need to store potentially dangerous gas, helping to reduce business overheads such as insurance by more than 50%, and gas cylinder costs. What’s more, larger units such as the Teknel Dragon have higher power efficiency meaning less power is used in comparison to other models, helping you to further reduce costs and boost your ROI.

Not only are induction heaters more accurate and energy efficient, they are able to heat areas much quicker than the more traditional heating methods, which in turn helps your business save time and labour costs.

To find out more about how a Teknel Induction Heater can reduce your businesses insurance costs and reduce overheads, give us a call on 01327 323007.