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Technical tip: Rolling compensation with Truck Pusher


Technical tip: Rolling compensation with Truck Pusher

By December 22nd, 2022No Comments

Performing an alignment rolling compensation check for larger more awkward vehicles such as lorries and buses can be a time-consuming task, especially in a busy workshop. Thankfully, Hunter have created the perfect tool to offer technicians a helping hand in the workshop.

Truck Pusher is a battery-powered, multi-use vehicle pusher which is capable of moving heavy vehicles weighing up to 20 tonnes. The compact and easy to use tool helps technicians move any large, heavy or awkward sized vehicles single-handedly, even in a busy workshop environment.

When used with Hunter’s dedicated commercial vehicle aligner, the WAHD, the truck pusher allows workshops to carry out fast and highly accurate wheel alignment diagnostics for multi-axle trucks in a fraction of the time.

To discover how the Truck Pusher from Hunter can help your business streamline its commercial vehicle wheel alignment servicing call us on 01327 323007.