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Technical tip: Body damage protection

Have you ever had to deal with a difficult customer dispute about damage to the body of their car when leaving the workshop?

With the Hunter Quick Check Drive system situated at the front of your workshop, you and your staff can eliminate any fraudulent body damage claims, thanks to its innovative technology.

With the addition of its integrated body damage cameras, the Quick Check Drive system captures multiple photographs to document every vehicle’s current condition upon entry. This drastically reduces the number of customer disputes and helps to provide extra protection from false claims against your staff and your business.

Producing over 40 high-resolution images automatically, you and your staff will have access to a digital catalogue to show customers concerned about the state of their vehicle when leaving the workshop. Here, your staff can highlight the condition of the vehicle as it enters the workshop which will provide complete transparency and trust, between your business and your customers.

To discover how the Quick Check Drive body damage cameras can help your business dramatically reduce customer disputes, call us on 01327 323007.