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Runflat and ultra-low-profile tyres can present a difficult challenge when it comes to a changeover, due to their stiff sidewalls. With the Hunter Revolution TCRH you can tackle even the most challenging of tyres in the same amount of time, every time, regardless of the tyre size or sidewall stiffness.

The fully automated system requires limited interaction from technicians with all operations controlled through an intelligent foot pedal and touch screen interface, with minimal input requirements. From here, the Revolution TCRH handles the rest including breaking the bead and using the leverless hook to demount bead without any hands-on assistance from the user.

With the Revolution TCRH in your workshop, the hardest part of a tyre change is sorted for you and with the addition of the innovative WalkAway feature, users are able to utilise their time more efficiently and complete a four-tyre changeover in a much quicker and cost-effective manner.

To book your demonstration of the Revolution TCRH and witness its powerful capabilities for yourself, give us a call on 01327 323007.