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Technical tip: Solving vehicle pull issues


Technical tip: Solving vehicle pull issues

By December 21st, 2022No Comments

Is vehicle pull becoming an increasingly irritating problem for your customers? If so, the advanced Hunter Road Force Elite diagnostic wheel balancer is the addition ideally suited for your workshop as it can help you to not only solve the most intricate of vehicle pull issues, but also improve your customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Hunter’s Road Force Elite is more than just a balancer. The innovative diagnostic system takes the wheel on a simulated journey to provide the best and most accurate solution to wheel pull issues, saving on both time and labour compared to a traditional road test.

Its StraightTrak feature measures lateral tyre force during the road force measurement diagnosis and applies this information to a set of virtual tyres, providing the operator with multiple placement choices for the vehicle.

The tyres are tagged and displayed on the vehicle plan view on screen, allowing the operator to adjust the positions of the tyres accordingly to find the least amount of vehicle pull and obtain the best configuration for steering stability. As you’re able to configure everything on screen, your staff can find the best solution before making any physical changes to the vehicle, making for a more efficient and less tiring process.

To find out how the Hunter Road Force Elite can help you solve wheel vibration issues for your customers call us on 01327 323007.