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Commercial Wheel Alignment Equipment

Introducing Commercial Wheel Aligners

To ensure peak performance, it’s crucial for your vehicle to undergo regular wheel alignment checks, allowing for necessary adjustments if needed. Commercial wheel alignment specifically involves setting the wheel angles on vehicles like trucks, buses, and vans.

Provide superior wheel alignment services with our commercial equipment from Hunter. Browse our commercial wheel alignment equipment below, and contact us for any further information.

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The Commercial
Wheel Aligner

Be the best vehicle workshop around with the Hunter Commercial Wheel Aligner. Offer rapid alignment with no jacking requirement. Whether it’s a van, HGV or bus, the Hunter WAHD is the perfect wheel alignment tool.



Do commercial wheel aligners work for all vehicle sizes?

Yes, there are commercial wheel aligners designed to accommodate various vehicle sizes, including large trucks, buses, and vans. Specialised equipment and software enable precise alignment adjustments for different commercial vehicle types.

How long does commercial wheel alignment take?

The duration for a commercial wheel alignment can vary based on the vehicle type, the level of misalignment, and the equipment used. On average, it typically takes between 30 minutes to an hour for the alignment process.

Explore our guide to wheel alignment durations for a general look at how long wheel alignment takes.

What are the signs that a commercial vehicle needs wheel alignment?

Some common signs indicating misaligned wheels in commercial vehicles include uneven or rapid tyre wear, steering wheel vibration, vehicle pulling to one side, or difficulty maintaining a straight path without steering correction.

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