Teknel Dragon 300 Induction Heater

Perfect induction heating tool for any workshop

The Teknel Dragon 300 Induction Heater

Teknel induction heaters allow you to heat ferrous materials, including aluminium, within seconds. Daily workshop operations such as unlocking joints and bolts or the removal of sealants and paints and the straightening of rigid axels become quicker and easier with the right tools. Teknel Induction heaters will do these operations in a few seconds.

Despite their high power, the energy consumption of Teknel induction heaters is very low; this is due to short working times and high power efficiency. Compared to the use of a flame, you can save more than 50% on power, and avoid the CO2 emissions caused by gas combustion. The absence of free flames will allow you to work near cables or pipes without the risk of damage. All Teknel induction heaters are developed to guarantee the highest performance and reliability. They are all equipped with an insulation transformer to ensure the operator of absolute safety, even in the most unpredictable conditions.

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Product Overview

The Teknel range uses an electromagnetic field to heat metals (ferrous and magnetic materials) with fingertip accuracy. Heating only the area required (up to max 1000°C) avoiding changing the metals characteristics or heating cables, hoses or other heat-sensitive parts nearby.

Induction heating saves at least 50% insurance costs and buying gas cylinders.

The Teknel Dragon 300 induction heater is suitable for bodyshops, car workshops and tyre shops. The Dragon is light and manageable but produces immediate heating power. The unit has up to 3.9Kw of power but puts you in control with 10 adjustable power levels. The Dragon 300 also has a liquid cooling system so you can work without interruptions.


Why Invest in Teknel Induction Heaters?

No naked flames

Improves health and safety around the workshop.

Variable heat output

Select appropriate heating level for differing components for greater control.

Heating Wand

Fingertip accuracy where it is needed.

Liquid cooling system

Carry out heating tasks without interruption.

Leading induction heaters from Teknel

Features Butterfly Teknel Dragon 300
Max Power 3.5Kw selectable on 10 levels 3.9Kw selectable on 10 levels
Max Current 16A 16A
Supply Voltage 230V 230V
Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz 50/60 Hz
Cooling Type Liquid Liquid
Weight 7kg 39kg
Trolley & Lance Stand Optional extras Standard