Hunter VAS6533 Wheel Balancer

High-capacity balancer with touchscreen simplicity

The VAS6533 Wheel Balancer

The Hunter VAS6533 Wheel Balancer is the most advanced standard balancer on the market. Usability is at the core of the VAS6533. It is built to help improve wheel servicing productivity in your workshop, which saves time and money.

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Product Overview

The VAS6533 Wheel Balancer uses SmartWeight technology, a revolutionary system which enables your technicians to balance wheel assemblies rapidly, with far fewer weights and less weight chasing.

The VAS6533 Wheel Balancer is strong and intuitive. The easy to use touch screens, powerful software and multiple service support features simplify the whole balancing process.


Why invest in the Hunter VAS6533?

Unique SmartWeight Balance

Save time and up to 30% on weight costs, while achieving a better balance and improve wheel rim appearance.

Intutitive touch screen

Lots of on-demand videos to help train technicians, using fingertip operation even when wearing gloves.

Automatic Centring Check & Daily e-calibration

Eliminate set up errors and ensure accurate centring.