The Hunter Elite TD

The Hunter Elite TD is a clear leader in imaging alignment technology and 3D wheel alignment servicing. It uses computerised alignment instead of manual to deliver fast measurement times, with accurate, repeatable results, and award-winning easy to use software.

Wheel alignment is an essential service for any workshop, garage, or service centre wanting to turn a profit. The Hunter Elite TD is the market leader in alignment services at an affordable price.

Low cost of ownership, life longevity, significant time and labour saving plus rapid return on investment makes the Elite TD the must-have wheel alignment equipment. Maximise your business productivity and profitability. With a Hunter Elite TD alignment bay, you can redefine your customer's experience, build future trust and transform your business.

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The most powerful wheel alignment tool available to workshops today, the Hunter Elite TD is a leader in imaging alignment and wheel alignment servicing. It uses computerised alignment to deliver the fastest measurement times with accurate results.


The Elite TD is the most powerful wheel aligner available to workshops today. Four precision cameras take live readings of the position and orientation of the 3D targets, mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors.

The QuickGrip adaptors and 3D targets effortlessly click into place, featuring sturdy yet lightweight construction and spring-loaded arms that securely grip the tyre. This design prevents any metal-to-metal contact, ensuring there's no risk of damaging the rim. The Elite TD boasts a speedy setup process, allowing for alignment results in less than 70 seconds. These results can be presented to customers through Hunter printouts, available in graphical, technical, or interactive email formats.

The Elite TD’s compelling data, features, and software, helps the vehicle driver make transparent and informed repair decisions, whilst opening the door to increased workshop profitability. It takes workshop alignment servicing and business management to a whole new level.

With a wide range of configurations available, there is a Hunter Elite TD to fit the needs and budget of your workshop.


Why invest in the Hunter Elite TD?

QuickGrip Wheel Adapter and TD Target

Lightweight, one-click fit adaptors save time with rapid set-up and results in 70 seconds. No metal-to-metal contact avoids rim damage.

HunterNet Integration

Alignment data and results readily available to technicians, service reception and management. Alignment results emailable to customers 24/7.

WinAlign Software

Streamlines the measurement and adjustment procedure to achieve a straight steering wheel every time.

Four High-resolution Cameras

Cameras take constant live readings with pin-point accuracy.

Advanced Graphical and Technical Printouts

Easy to understand printouts build customer trust and help you sell more alignments.

Multiple Configurations

A choice of set-ups that fit the majority of workshops.

A new dimension

Taking four-wheel 3D alignment to a new professional dimension, the Hunter Elite TD delivers an unrivalled alignment time, in under 70 seconds. See the comparison with other wheel aligners such as the Hunter PA200 ACE, Hunter PA200 PLUS and Hunter PA200 LITE here.

Features PA200 Lite PA200 Plus PA200 ACE Elite TD
Sensor / Target type DSP700 Electronic sensor HD Target HQ Target TD Target
Wheel clamp type Metal clamp & claws Metal clamp & claws QuickGripTM one click fit QuickGripTM one click fit
Weight per wheel clamp 7Kg
3D HD Cameras - 20 mega pixel 0 0 2 4
Operating system Linux Linux Linux Windows
Configuration Cabinet Cabinet & Column Cabinet & Column or Cabinet Mount (mobile) Multiple options
3 year warranty (provided service plan)
Vehicle specification database also online
Adjustment Illustration
Clear graphic printout Advanced
Rolling compensation requirement Back & Forward Back & Forward Short Forward Short Forward
Basic aligner capabilities
Advanced alignment & guided procedures Basic Basic Basic Full
HunterNet TM Upload only Upload only Upload only Advanced
Customer emailable results Via separate computer Via separate computer Via separate computer Advanced
Work management and analytics Via separate computer Via separate computer Via separate computer Advanced
Adjustment photos & videos X X X
Tools & kits X X X
Ride height (target or Romess) X X X
SAS reset & Codelink support X X X
OEM approved X X X
Quick Check TM X X X
Built-in training X X X
Integration ready X X X

    Step One

    Input your numbers into the box below

    Criteria Regular Imaging Aligners Hunter Elite TD
    Number of speculative cars measured 15
    Number of jobs sold from above 7 9
    Cost per Job(including basic front adjustment) £ £30
    Additional Adjustments Charge(Individual rear toe, cambers, caster etc) £ £24
    Number of additional adjustments(Minimum) 9
    Additional Adjustments Value £168.00 £216.00
    Daily Gross Alignment Revenue £378.00 £486.00

    Step Two

    See your daily equipment cost

    Criteria Regular Imaging Aligners Hunter Elite TD
    Daily Equipment Cost £(5 Year Lease) £12 £16
    Net Revenue per Day £366.00 £470.00
    Net Increase per Day £0 £104.00

    Step Three

    See your increase in alignment revenue NET Results

    Weekly Increase Monthly Increase Annual Increase
    £624.00 £2701.92 £32423.04
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