Commercial Wheel Aligner

Fast and accurate wheel alignment for multi-axle commercial vehicles.

The Commercial Wheel Aligner

The Hunter WAHD commercial vehicle aligner ensures three-axle live results and uses rolling compensation, so no jacking required.

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Product Overview

Fuel efficiency and tyre life maximisation are both prime concerns in the transport industry. Identify alignment issues in under three minutes with a single roll compensation ensuring maximum workshop efficiency. Present the results with Hunter printouts in graphical, technical or interactive email formats.

Why invest in Commercial Wheel Aligners?

Self-centring adaptors

Highly versatile for a range of truck and bus wheels.

Rolling Compensation

Compensates all sensors at once with a short roll forward.

Quick Check

Identifies new alignment opportunities quickly to increase revenue.

Current Truck Preformance
Average Kilometers per Truck per Year km
Average Km/Litre fuel consumption £
Truck Fuel Cost
Diesel Price per Litre £
Fuel cost per truck per Year £
Percentage improvement in Fuel consumption - with Regular Alignment 2%
Annual Fuel Savings per Truck - with Regular Alignment £
Steer Tyre Costs
Average Price per Tyre £
Number of Steer Tyres per Truck
Current Average Steer Tyre Life ( kilometers ) km
Current Average Cost of Steer Tyres (based on kilometers/year) £
Percentage Extension of Tyre Life - with Regular Alignment (25-30% is Avg) 25%
Annual Steer Tyre Savings per Truck - wih Regular Alignment £
Drive Tyre Costs per Tractor
Average Price per Tyre £
Number of Drive Tyres per Tractor
Current Average Drive Tyre Life (Kilometers) km
Current Annual Cost of Drive Tyres (based on Km/year) £
Percentage Extension of Tyre Life - with Regular Alignment (25-30% is Avg) 25%
Annual Drive Tyre Savings per Truck - with Regular Alignment £
Trailer Tyre Costs
Average Price per Tyre £
Number of Tyres per Trailer
Current Average Trailer Tyre Life (Miles) miles
Current Annual Cost of Trailer Tyres (based on miles/year) £
Percentage Extension of Tyre Life - with Regular Alignment (25-30% Avg) 25%
Annual Trailer Tyre Savings per Truck - with Regular Alignment £
Total Savings from Regular Alignment
Annual Savings per Tractor in Fuel Costs £
Annual Savings per Tractor in Tyre Costs £
Annual Savings per Tractor in Tyre Costs £
Total Annual Savings per Tractor and Trailer unit £
Number of Tractors in Fleet
Number of Trailers in Fleet
Total Annual Fleet Savings due to Regular Alignment £
Assuming outsource Alignment
Estimated cost of a 3-axle Truck Alignment £
Estimated Cost of a Trailer Aligmnent £
Alignments per unit (Tractor + Trailer) per year
Total number of alignments required
Total Cost for Fleet £
Net saving for Fleet using In-House Alignment resources £
Assuming in-house using Hunter Wheel Aligner System
Capital cost £
Capital cost per year (assuming 5 year write-down) £
Time per Alignment (hours) hours
Labour cost per hour £
Total Labour Costs for Alignments £
Total Annual Costs for Alignment (capital cost per year plus labour) £
Net saving for Fleet £

Assumption Supporting Notes

A scheduled Alignment program will produce an average 2% increase in fuel economy; According to the American Trucking Association (ATA)

A correctly Aligned truck and trailer (44t GVW) could improve fuel consumption by 2.5%; According to a Volvo and Michelin test (covering >1,000km), independently verified in 2010

A scheduled Alignment program will produce an average 30% increase in tyre mileage; According to the Amercian Trucking Association (ATA)

US Industry estimates suggest that 70-80% of Class 8 trucks on the road have Alignment problems

Mis-Alignment of 1mm can reduce the effective life of a truck tyre by 7% and Mis-Alignment on the steering axle can increase rolling resistance by 5%; According to ATS Euromaster

Useful up-to-date data for truck operating costs can be found at

An incorrectly Aligned HGV uses up to 7% more fuel than a correctly aligned one; According to the UK Department of Transport

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Commercial Wheel Aligner Gallery

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“The installation team has been fantastic. The service before and after the installation has been stellar. Shane, Jamie, and Colin are always happy to help, and I feel like they go out of their way to keep us right.”

Ivan KerrIvan Kerr Tyres

"Your Sales Executives are more than just reps. The amount of work Lee Cusworth has put into sorting us out with our Hunter Elite TD and ramp is unreal. From initial contact, marking out the ground to be dug up, to helping with demos and the service from Jamie Taylor sets Pro-Align out as a company that cares about building relationships. We can’t wait for our install!"

John StoneStone Tyres

"We have had a great start. The system has performed flawlessly, and having Richard from Pro-Align coming in to check everything every couple of weeks and to go over any questions we have had, has been an incredible help. I’m a very happy customer."

Garry RobertsonClark Commercials

"Anybody from an industry perspective looking to update and upgrade their equipment should give Pro-Align a call. The experience of working with them has been so positive; it warrants the cost entirely."

Shaun BancroftThe Tyre Warehouse Brackley
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Key benefits

Speed & Ease of Use

Rapid 3 minute, 3 axles alignment measurement solution.

Manufacturer approved

Full Mercedes-Benz approval.

No Jacking

Hunters unique short roll forward compensation makes this a swift and far more desirable solution to jacking compensation.

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