Quick Check Drive - Wheel Alignment

Quick Check Drive is a brand-new revolutionary wheel alignment inspection system from the leading equipment manufacturer Hunter.

The profit driving system checks alignment on every vehicle that comes through your business, with Quick Check Drive installed near the workshop entrance. This system scans a new vehicle every 3-5 seconds, checking total toe and camber, identifying alignment opportunities for your business. Check alignment on every vehicle that comes through your business, with Quick Check Drive installed near the workshop entrance. Integrate with Quick Tread Edge for comprehensive unmanned inspection.

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The revolutionary Hunter Quick Check Drive can inspect every vehicle that enters your workshop and identify opportunities for wheel alignment business.

Hunter Quick Check Drive

Quick Check Drive has 8 cameras and 32 lasers that scan a vehicle’s wheels as it drives past. Eliminating the need to stop the vehicle and for a hands-on technician to intervene, saving on time and labour, and providing opportunity for more alignment jobs.

The Quick Check Drive by Hunter is a revolutionary alignment measurement tool, designed to save space in your workshop. Its compact and slimline design takes up 50% less bay space compared to other models, making it suitable for any garage.

With the Quick Check Drive installed at the entry of your workshop, you can analyse every vehicle that drives in. The system's advanced cameras and lasers take 16 measurements to deliver accurate and repeatable camber and total toe readings. The Quick Check Drive sends instant alignment readings and vehicle images to your service reception, on a screen or flight board and as a printout or via email. The clear reports can be used to educate your customers about alignment, increasing trust and allowing you to sell more alignment adjustments.

The Quick Check Drive comes equipped with built-in cameras that capture the vehicle's licence plate, giving you the option to use the 40+ Damage-Cam feature. This allows you to take body pictures of the car as it drives through, providing protection against false vehicle damage claims. With its advanced technology, the Quick Check Drive is a must-have for any garage looking to improve their alignment measurement process, customer service and profitability.


Why invest in the Quick Check Drive System?

, Quick Check Drive Hotspots
HunterNet Integration

Insights are readily available to technicians, service reception and management. Results are emailable to customers 24/7.

Automatic Alignment Results

Display instant total toe and individual camber readings to your customers shortly after their car has driven through.

Slim Profile Units with 32 Lasers & 8 Cameras

Accurately inspect camber and toe with 16 measurements ensuring repeatable results. Slim profile units are installed inconspicuously on the service drive.

Automatic Body Damage Image Capture

Protect your workshop against false damage claims.

Number Plate Identification

Links car registration to alignment results to provide transparency to your customers.

Advanced Graphical and Technical Printouts

Easy to understand printouts build customer trust and helps you sell more alignments.

Touchless Drive-through

One of the industries first drive-through non-contact wheel alignment inspection systems.

Your Return On Investment

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£ 680
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£ 468
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Additional Daily Profit
£ 1,148
Annual Return
£ 303,072
Equipment Investment
£ 75,000
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