The VAS741 005 Revolution

Hunter has used its technological innovations to produce a fully automatic tyre changer. The VAS741 005 Revolution uses the same fully automated method for all tyre and wheel combinations, saving time in your workshop. The VAS741 005 Revolution is very simplistic while improving tyre safety levels, avoiding costly damage and being the most advanced automatic and autonomous tyre changer in the market.

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Avoid costly damage with fully automated tyre changing thanks to Hunter’s innovative technology.

Product Overview

This top of the range tyre changer is perfect for workshops where there is a daily demand for demounting and mounting tyres or specialist wheel assembly operations.

The unique WalkAway option delivers 80 seconds of unattended bead breaking and demounting time, freeing up technicians to multitask. The lights above the machine indicate when the tyre changer is in operation, requires further operator input or has stopped.

The advanced robotics simplifies training and eliminates the variable experience skill gap.


Why invest in the Hunter Revolution?

Automatic Combined Leverless Tool & Demounting Head

Saves time as it demounts all tyres in the same way and also prevents tyre, rim and TPMS Damage.

Powered Press Arm

Mounts a wide range of tyres while giving you maximum control.

Powerful pneumatic central clamp

Three-position cone handles a wide variety of wheels, while the centre clamp design avoids clamping damage.

Bead Loosening Rollers

Gently rolls bead from the rim for simple mounting and dismounting. Dramatically reduces the risk of rim and TPMS damage.

Intuitive Touch Screen

On-screen step-by-step videos and animations for assistance with the procedure.

Inflation Station

Automatically fills to the correct pressure and is 33% faster then foot pedal inflation.

Go Pedal Controls Operation

Foot pedal control to advance procedure.