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Optimise your vehicle workshop with Pro-Align wheel alignment accessories and more. Our meticulously crafted tools, including the Teknel Butterfly Induction Heater and wheel alignment accessories like the EasiWheel Trolley, and EasiPortable Turnplate Kit, are designed for efficiency.

Pro-Align’s accessories offer versatility to cater to diverse workshop needs, from quickly unlocking bolts to transforming your workspace into a flexible alignment bay. Boost productivity, save time and costs with tools that streamline your processes and contribute to long-term savings through precise alignments and reduced tyre wear. 

Join the ranks of satisfied workshops that have chosen Pro-Align for proven performance, reliability, and durability. Contact us to find out more.

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The Teknel Butterfly
Induction Heater

Quickly unlock bolts, remove sealants and much more with the Teknel Butterfly induction heater. An essential Hunter wheel alignment accessory for vehicle workshops.

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The EasiWheel

Make wheel alignment and daily garage operations easier with the EasiWheel trolley. Designed for eight tyres or four complete wheel assemblies, this minimises workshop labour time, reduces physical strain on technicians, and ensures a consistent workflow.

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The EasiPortable
Turnplate Kit

Transform flatbed lifts or pits into an alignment bay with the portable turnplate kit. Make workshop life more flexible.



What are wheel alignment accessories? 

Wheel alignment accessories are specialised tools and equipment designed to aid in the precise alignment of vehicle wheels. These accessories play a crucial role in ensuring optimal vehicle performance, tyre longevity, and overall safety.

How can wheel alignment accessories help? 

Wheel alignment accessories will assist you in achieving accurate wheel alignment, preventing uneven tyre wear, improving fuel efficiency, and enhancing vehicle handling. They contribute to overall safety and performance by ensuring that the wheels are properly aligned with the manufacturer’s specifications.

What is the Teknel Butterfly Induction Heater used for? 

The Teknel Butterfly Induction Heater is a versatile tool used for quickly unlocking bolts, removing sealants, and performing various tasks in a vehicle workshop. It utilises electromagnetic induction to generate heat rapidly, making it an essential piece of equipment for automotive professionals.

Are Pro-Align wheel alignment accessories compatible with all vehicle makes and models? 

Our range of wheel alignment accessories are designed to be versatile and compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models. However, it’s recommended to check the product specifications and guidelines to ensure compatibility with specific vehicles.

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