RFEMBE Road Force Balancer

Eliminate customer’s vibration issues

The RFEMBE Road Force Balancer

The RFEMBE Road Force Balancer is the fastest diagnostic balancer in the world. It is a smarter solution for solving difficult to diagnose vibration and tyre pull issues, to deliver a superior balance.

Hunter's SmartWeight technology means your technicians can balance wheel assemblies rapidly, using far fewer weights than ever before. Solve wheel balance issues with a fast, first-time fix.

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Product Overview

The RFEMBE Road Force Balancer is the first and only balancer to diagnose vibration issues. Complete a balance 20% faster than any conventional wheel balancer.
As the wheel spins, the rim is automatically scanned and profiled with Hunter’s Vision System, simultaneously completing a wheel balance check. The diagnostic load roller lowers, taking the whole wheel assembly on a simulated road test.

The full diagnostic spin takes just 70 seconds to deliver the SmartWeight balance, lateral force and road force variation results. The technician is taken step-by-step through force matching or tyre rotation solutions before the final SmartWeight balance.

The RFEMBE Road Force Balancer will unlock significant money, time and weight savings. While delivering a visually better balancer. Deliver total satisfaction to your customers today.


Why invest in the RFEMBE Road Force balancer?

Diagnostic Load Roller

Identifies road force variation, rim errors and force matching solutions, resulting in better balanced wheels.

Vision System

Automatically scans and profiles wheel rims to create a 3D image. Speeds up measurements and helps your technicians strategically place weights.

SmartWeight Balance

Save time and up to 30% on weight costs while achieving a better balance and improve wheel rim appearance.

HunterNet Integration

Balancer data is immediately accessible across the business and helps with weight stock management.

Intuitive Touch Screen

Lots of on-demand videos to help train technicians, using fingertip operation even when wearing gloves.

Automatic Centring Check & Daily e-calibration

Eliminate set up errors and ensure accurate centring.

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“The installation team has been fantastic. The service before and after the installation has been stellar. Shane, Jamie, and Colin are always happy to help, and I feel like they go out of their way to keep us right.”

Ivan KerrIvan Kerr Tyres

"Your Sales Executives are more than just reps. The amount of work Lee Cusworth has put into sorting us out with our Hunter Elite TD and ramp is unreal. From initial contact, marking out the ground to be dug up, to helping with demos and the service from Jamie Taylor sets Pro-Align out as a company that cares about building relationships. We can’t wait for our install!"

John StoneStone Tyres

"We have had a great start. The system has performed flawlessly, and having Richard from Pro-Align coming in to check everything every couple of weeks and to go over any questions we have had, has been an incredible help. I’m a very happy customer."

Garry RobertsonClark Commercials

"Anybody from an industry perspective looking to update and upgrade their equipment should give Pro-Align a call. The experience of working with them has been so positive; it warrants the cost entirely."

Shaun BancroftThe Tyre Warehouse Brackley
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Key Benefits


The only balancer that delivers a superior diagnostic service.


Saves weights as less application needed.


Full diagnostic spin takes just 70 seconds to complete.

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