Teknel Induction Heaters

Introducing Teknel induction heaters

Easily unlock bolts, remove sealants and much more with our range of induction heaters from Teknel. Suitable for all vehicle workshops, garages and service centres.

Induction Heaters for Bolts and More 

Induction heaters use electromagnetic fields to swiftly and precisely heat conductive materials, offering rapid, targeted, and efficient heating solutions. Browse our range of induction heaters for bolts today, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

, Teknel Induction Heaters

The Teknel Butterfly
Induction Heater

A lightweight portable induction heater perfect for all vehicle workshops, the Teknal Butterfly is developed to guarantee the highest performance and reliability. If you’re looking for a trustworthy induction heater for bolt removal and more, you can find it here at Pro-Align.

, Teknel Induction Heaters

The Teknel Dragon
300 Induction Heater

Benefit from heat up to 1000°c with 10 adjustable power levels. The Teknel Dragon 300 makes garage life easier and more efficient.  Like all Teknal induction heaters, the Dragon 300 is equipped with an insulation transformer to ensure absolute safety in all conditions.



How do I choose the right induction heater for my needs? 

Consider factors like the type and size of materials you’ll be heating, the required heating temperature, production volume, and the desired level of control over the heating process. Consulting with manufacturers or experts can help determine the best induction heater for your specific requirements.

What are the advantages of using induction heating for bolts? 

Advantages of using induction heating for bolts includes speed, precision, safety and uniform heating. 

What materials can Teknel induction heaters be used for? 

Teknel induction heaters enable you to heat ferrous materials, including aluminium, within seconds. 

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