Hunter VAS 6560-TCX54

Professional tilt-column tyre changer

The VAS 6560-TCX54

The Hunter VAS 6560 is a conventional tilt column tyre changer that delivers excellent performance and reliability. This product is easy to use and is real value for money.

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Product Overview

The VAS 6560 uses simple foot pedal controls and can cover tyre changes from 12-24" and has a two-speed high torque motor.

The powerful bi-directional turntable, rearward tilt column and left hand operated BPS comes as standard. The VAS 6560 is perfect for any workshops wanting to step up a level form a basic tyre changer and experience Hunter technology.


Why invest in the Hunter VAS 6560?

Air Powered Tilt-column

Pedal operated for ease of use.

Steel Tool Head

All rims protected as toolhead auto offsets.

Bead Press System

Assists mounting and demounting.

Powerful Turntable

Bi-directional and variable speed ensures ease of use.

Foot Pedal Operated Side Shovel

Hands free operation for ease of use.