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The HTA-MB-TD Wheel Aligner

The Hunter HTA-MB-TD is a clear leader in imaging alignment technology and superior wheel alignment servicing. Delivering fast measurement times, with accurate, repeatable results, and award-winning software which makes it easy to use.

Low cost of ownership, life longevity, significant time and labour saving plus rapid return on investment makes the HTA-MB-TD the must-have wheel alignment equipment. Maximise your business productivity and profitability. With a Hunter HTA-MB-TD alignment bay, you can redefine your customer's experience, build future trust and transform your business.

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Product Overview

The HTA-MB-TD is the most powerful wheel aligner available to workshops today. Four precision cameras take live readings of the position and orientation of the 3D targets, mounted to each wheel using Hunter’s patented QuickGrip® adaptors.

The one-click fit QuickGrip adaptors and 3D targets are robust and lightweight with spring-loaded arms that grip the tyre, avoiding metal-to-metal contact and therefore eliminating rim damage. HTA-MB-TD’s accelerated setup and service delivery enable alignment results in under 70 seconds. Present the results with Hunter printouts in graphical, technical or interactive email formats.

The HTA-MB-TD’s compelling data, features, and software, helps the vehicle driver make transparent and informed repair decisions. It takes workshop alignment servicing and business management to a whole new level.

With a wide range of configurations available, there is a Hunter HTA-MB-TD to fit the needs of your workshop.


Why invest in the HTA-MB-TD Alignment system?

QuickGrip Wheel Adapter and TD Target

Lightweight, one-click fit adaptors save time with rapid set-up and results in 70 seconds. No metal-to-metal contact avoids rim damage.

HunterNet Integration

Alignment data and results readily available to technicians, service reception and management. Alignment results emailable to customers 24/7.

WinAlign Software

Streamlines the measurement and adjustment procedure to achieve a straight steering wheel every time.

Four High-resolution Cameras

Cameras take constant live readings with pin-point accuracy.

Advanced Graphical and Technical Printouts

Easy to understand printouts build customer trust and help you sell more alignments.

Multiple Configurations

A choice of set-ups that fit the majority of workshops.

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HTA-MB-TD Wheel aligner Gallery

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“The installation team has been fantastic. The service before and after the installation has been stellar. Shane, Jamie, and Colin are always happy to help, and I feel like they go out of their way to keep us right.”

Ivan KerrIvan Kerr Tyres

"Your Sales Executives are more than just reps. The amount of work Lee Cusworth has put into sorting us out with our Hunter Elite TD and ramp is unreal. From initial contact, marking out the ground to be dug up, to helping with demos and the service from Jamie Taylor sets Pro-Align out as a company that cares about building relationships. We can’t wait for our install!"

John StoneStone Tyres

"We have had a great start. The system has performed flawlessly, and having Richard from Pro-Align coming in to check everything every couple of weeks and to go over any questions we have had, has been an incredible help. I’m a very happy customer."

Garry RobertsonClark Commercials

"Anybody from an industry perspective looking to update and upgrade their equipment should give Pro-Align a call. The experience of working with them has been so positive; it warrants the cost entirely."

Shaun BancroftThe Tyre Warehouse Brackley
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Key Benefits


Rapid 70 second four wheel alignment check with minimum effort, thanks to Quick Grip and QuickComp.


Greater productivity, lower cost of ownership and pays for itself within months.


Approved by Mercedes-Benz.

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