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Diagnostic Wheel Balancers

Introducing Wheel Balancers

Car owners should have their wheels balanced around every 7,000 miles. This is a big money industry that you should be a part of. 

Wheel balancing ensures that the weight of a car is evenly distributed around the wheel, and that the tyre rotates evenly. Unbalanced wheels can impact a car’s handling, comfort and tyre wear, so it’s vital to get them checked.

Wheel Balancing Equipment at Pro Align

Pro Align are your premium workshop partner. We carry a range of wheel balancing equipment, suitable for workshops of all sizes and workloads. From the fastest balancer on the market to some more cost-effective options, we’re sure to have what you need. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.

Wheel balancing is a technique that requires specialised equipment, which you can find here at Pro Align. Browse our complete range of products below. 

, Diagnostic Wheel Balancers

The Road
Force Elite

The fastest wheel balancing tool on the market. The road force elite delivers superior balance in minimal time.

, Diagnostic Wheel Balancers

GSP9200 Touch

Balance wheels with fewer weights thanks to Hunter's GSP9200 Touch SmartWeight technology.

, Diagnostic Wheel Balancers

SmartWeight Pro

This low cost wheel balancer still benefits from Hunter technology for superior wheel balancing.



Does Wheel Balancing Need to be Done for all Four Tyres?

Yes, all four wheels need to be balanced. If not, you will be compromising safety and comfort, and your tyres will wear unevenly.

What are the Two Main Types of Wheel Balancing Machines?

The two main types of tyre balancers available on the market are static and dynamic. Static balancing assesses only the static (up and down) force. Whereas, dynamic balancing assesses the static (up and down) and the couple (shimmy side to side) forces together.

What are the Benefits of Hunter Wheel Balancers?

Hunter’s SmartWeight machines offer superb balance, saving you both time and money. SmartWeight assess static and couple forces separately, ensuring that you only use the weight needed to balance the assembly.

How is Wheel Balancing Done?

Specialised wheel balancing machines will measure the weight distribution of the tyre and wheel assembly. It will then indicate where weights need to be added or removed in order to achieve the correct balance.

Read our full guide to how wheel balancing is completed here.

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