LiftLign Four post range

Find a four post lift that fits your garage

The Liftlign Four Post Lift

The LiftLign Four post range is designed specifically for wheel alignment servicing. Manufactured to a high standard with full quality control ensures you are getting the best product possible. We provide four different models; our dedicated team can help you decided which will best fit your workshop.

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Product Overview

The LiftLign Four post, wheel alignment lift range is perfect for workshops where bay space is not a constraint, but cost potentially is.

This range has a left-hand control box with full mechanical locking for accurate levelling at various heights. With strong platforms and varying lengths and width across the range, we can ensure one of the models will fit your workshops needs.

All of the LiftLign platforms come with front turnplate recess and large rear integral rear slip plates.


Why invest in the Liftlign four post alignment lift?

Wide Post Clearances

Large clearance of post to allow loading of wide vehicles.

Mechanical Level Locking

Maximum safety for under vehicle working and aiding delivery of accurate alignment readings.

Moveable Infill Kit

Work on vehicles of greatly differing wheelbases.