Hunter VAS791 001 RX45 Lift

A large capacity Hunter scissor lift with a small footprint.

The VAS791 001 RX45 Wheel alignment lift

The Hunter VAS791 001 RX45 Wheel Alignment Scissor Lift is the best in its class. Its full integration alignment capabilities allow WinAlign aligners to control lift features, increasing productivity and alignment accuracy. Minimise clearance issues with the VAS791's drive on height and utilise its wide runways for wide vehicles, like vans and large LVs.

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Product Overview

The VAS791 001 RX45 scissor lift is strong yet stylish, and can be installed as a surface mount or in a recess to ensure the best fit in your workshop. Its integrated airline is a convenient air source for tools at the front and rear, optimising efficiency and improving overall workshop productivity.

The VAS791 001 RX45 boasts superior safety features. This Hunter scissor lift uses fitted safety locks with precision-fit teeth to lock runways at 16 level height positions. The advanced lift will instantaneously shut down in the event of hydraulic failure and safely stop if sensors are obstructed, giving your vehicle centre peace of mind.

The wide runways and robust build mean the VAS791 001 RX45 can accommodate a range of vehicles. Its fast descent times also ensure a soft landing by automatically slowing for the last few inches. PowerSlide locks sliplates and turnplates easily via the lift console, or with your fully integrated alignment console. PowerSlide reduces wear and tear, to extend the life of your turnplates.


Why invest in the VAS791 001 RX45 Lift?

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Fully Integrated Alignment

Communicates with Elite TD to automatically lock turnplates and slip plates. Also raises and lowers turnplate bridges and inflates/deflates tyres to preset pressure.


Automatically locks /unlocks turnplates and slip plate. Raises and lowers turnplate bridges. Reduces the risk of operator errors and saves them time.

Premium Safety Features

Secures ramp level and locking at 16 level height positions. Instant shutdown in situations where safety is of concern.


Automatically sets tyre pressures saving your technicians time. Also, display before and after pressure on an alignment printout.

LED Lighting

Ensure safe, easy underbody adjustments.

Extra Wide Runways

Greater flexibility in aligning wider track width cars.