The LiftLign Scissor lift

The LiftLign scissor lifts are the most popular in our range. Manufactured with high-quality control to ensure you get the best product possible. We offer three different models in the range that vary in capacity and platform length; our team will work with you to find the one that fits your workshop needs best.

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The carefully designed front turnplates and rear slip plates help the LiftLign Scissor Lift give you the most control and reliable results.

Product Overview

Our LiftLign scissor lifts offer a sleek modern look to any workshop as well as being an outstanding solution for performing high-quality wheel alignments. Proven to be a reliable lift for any workshop wanting to deliver high levels of alignment servicing.

The front turnplates recess and large rear integral slip plates with air locking form the control box giving you greater control and more reliable results.

Why invest in the LiftLign scissor alignment lift

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Space Saving Design

No obstructions to the working area providing maximum access to under vehicle working. Ideal for small bays.

Mechanical Level Locking with Automatic Engagement

Maximum safety for under vehicle working, aids delivery of accurate alignment readings.

Airlocking of Rear Slip Plates

Save technicians time as they don’t have to remove or insert locking pins manually.

Moveable Infill Kit

Work on vehicles of greatly differing wheelbases.