Hunter EasiPortable Turnplate Kit

Transforming flatbed lifts or pits into an alignment zone

The EasiPortable Turnplate Kit

Make workshop life easy with the Hunter easiPortable Turnplate Kit. Transform flatbed lifts or pits into an alignment bay, giving your workshop more flexibility.

The Hunter portable turnplate is expertly designed for rollback compensation, making any drive-on space in your workshop a useable alignment area.

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Hunter Turnplates for Efficient Wheel Alignment

The portable turnplate kit is the ideal solution for any small busy workshops looking to offer a profitable wheel alignment service. The turnplate kit is particularly useful where the only option is to use an MOT lift, MOT pit areas and flatbed ramp, or where an accident repair centre may need to use their bodyshop jig.

The kit is easy to manoeuvre around the workshop and is quick and easy to position, enabling workshops with space and budget restraints to deliver a proper alignment service without a need for a dedicated alignment bay.

Why invest in the EasiPortable Turnplate Kit?

Hunter High-torque Turnplates

Free from friction, these turnplates ensure accuracy of alignment readings.


Perform rolling compensation on a floor.

Hunter Manufactured

Sturdy construction yet light enough to manually position.

Portable Trolley

Safely store kit with the flexibility to move around the workshop quickly.