The Quick Tread Edge

Quick Tread Edge is the new drive over tread depth scanner from Hunter. It allows you to automatically measure the tread depth of each tyre, edge to edge, as the car drives over. The advanced tread depth machine's autonomy increases accuracy by eliminating guesswork in a manual inspection.

Quick Tread Edge requires no labour and can help your business sell more tyres to maximise your workshops revenue.

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Increase accuracy and save time with the Hunter Quick Tread Edge, allowing you to automatically measure the tread depth of each tyre efficiently.

Product Overview

Drive the car over the Quick Tread Edge scanner to capture tread depth readings from edge to edge, testing a 10cm patch on each tyre in just 3-5 seconds. The scanner works seamlessly to gauge tread depth, even in wet conditions as it's constructed using corrosion-resistant stainless steel with self-cleaning air-knife technology. The Quick Tread Edge combines low service and maintenance costs to boost profitability with automated heavy-duty hardware to improve workshop productivity.

Edge wear detection results in more tyre replacement opportunities. Showing the results to your customers will generate your business revenue and increase your upselling capacity. The results are presented in an easy to understand graphical printout for your technicians and customers. The information can also be made available on a screen or Flightboard. HunterNet allows the results and report to be available anywhere in the business easily, this information builds your customers trust and will improve revenue and customer retention. You can also store tread depth records to create customer history for upselling and future marketing campaigns.

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Why invest in the Quick Tread Edge system?

, Quick Tread Edge Hotspots
Drive-over Laser Scanner

The scanner creates a clear 3D tread pattern graphic from edge to edge.

Airknife Technology

Automatically blows water and debris off the scanner to ensure results are clear, accurate and repeatable.