The Quick Check

Identify profitable alignment service opportunities with Hunter Quick Check.

Check measurements of key alignment angles without a dedicated alignment ramp to maximise work through your business. The system comes as a fixed drive-through or as a multi-bay mobile configuration; there's lots of flexibility to make the system work for your workshop. The high-tech quick wheel alignment software works with unparalleled accuracy and frees up your staff to work on manual tasks.

The computerised system will scan every car visiting your site to open up revenue opportunities and improve customer retention.

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Discover misalignments in under 60 seconds with the Hunter Quick Check wheel alignment checker.

Product Overview

Hunter Quick Check delivers a rapid six-point preliminary alignment measurement to help prefilter potential misalignment's in under 60 seconds. The quick alignment results provide huge opportunity for increased productivity and profitability in your workshop.

Quick Check uses Hunter's one-click fit, QuickGrip adaptors, that are robust and lightweight. With spring-loaded arms, the adaptors eliminate rim damage with no metal-to-metal contact. Quick Check has plenty of options to add on to make your modular system the best fit for your workshop. Tailor Quick Check to your needs, to see the rise in efficiency, profitability and returning customers.

Use Hunters unique software to help you to sell more alignment adjustments with clear printouts and HunterNet at your fingertips.


Why invest in the Quick Check System?

HunterNet Integration

Insights are readily available to technicians, service reception and management. Results are emailable to customers 24/7.

QuickGrip Wheel Adapter and TD Target

Lightweight, one-click fit adaptors save time with rapid set-up. No metal-to-metal contact avoids rim damage.

Four High-resolution Cameras

Cameras take constant live readings with pin-point accuracy.

Graphical and Technical Printouts

Easy to understand printouts build customer trust and helps you sell more alignments.