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Craig Welch – Head of Sales & Marketing


Craig Welch – Head of Sales & Marketing

By October 30th, 2023No Comments


Meet Craig Welch: The marketing maverick spearheading Pro-Align’s vision

With an intrinsic knack for strategy and an unparalleled grasp of the automotive domain, Craig Welch stands tall as Pro-Align’s Head of Sales & Marketing. From navigating the quirks of a Ford KA to the harmonious tunes on his secretive Spotify playlist, Craig’s journey is both relatable and inspiring. Ready to gain insight into the man behind many a successful Pro-Align campaign? Read on.


Phone: 07876 648926

LinkedIn: Craig Welch

Get to know Craig: 

  • First automotive experience? A memorable journey with the Ford KA, lovingly nicknamed ‘The Rust Bucket’.
  • Driving skills? Mastered the art on his second attempt, having faced a slight hiccup discerning traffic light colours.
  • Morning elixir? A refreshing cup of coffee to jumpstart the day.
  • Driving tunes? A carefully curated Spotify playlist. Intrigued? Reach out for an exclusive peek.
  • Automotive dream? The indomitable power and sleek design of a Shelby Mustang.
  • Relaxation ritual? Quality time with loved ones and immersing himself in melodies.
  • Cinematic preference? The intense and riveting “Se7en”.
  • Travel fantasies? The cultural richness and culinary marvels of Italy.
  • Joined Pro-Align? Spearheading initiatives since 2018.
  • Equipment affinity? The Road Force Elite stands out for its prowess in vibration diagnosis, effortlessly pinpointing issues that might escape the untrained eye.

Craig’s acumen, combined with his genuine passion for the industry, positions him as a thought leader within Pro-Align. Should you seek insights into automotive marketing or simply wish to chat about the latest chartbusters, Craig’s your man.