The SmartWeight Pro Wheel Balancer

The SmartWeight Pro includes SmartWeight technology which makes the balancing experience quick, cost-effective and straightforward. It is a low-cost balancer with a small footprint, perfect for any vehicle workshop starting their Hunter balancing journey.

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A low-cost but highly effective wheel balancing system, perfect for any vehicle workshop. Brought to you by Hunter.

Product Overview

The SmartWeight Pro is a compact balancer with a unique space-saving design, combined with advanced Hunter innovations and technology, such as no-touch measurement. The SmartWeight Pro enables your technicians to balance wheel assemblies in record time with a higher success rate and less weight application.

With Hunters SmartWeight balancing features, you can expect rapid and accurate balancing results with fewer corrections needed, which translates into significant cost and labour savings. This advanced technology is designed to streamline your balancing process, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing the smoothest ride possible.


Why invest in the SmartWeight Pro Wheel Balancer?

, SmartWeight Pro Hotspots
Intuitive Interface

Single knob navigation simplifies experience.

Unique SmartWeight Balance

Save time and up to 30% on weight costs while achieving a better balance and improve wheel rim appearance.

Space Saving Design

Small footprint design makes it perfect for workshops with limited space.

Laser Vision System

Simple dimension entry eliminates the most common causes of weight-chasing.

SmartWeight Balance ‘magic’

The SmartWeight Pro is part of our Essential Range, with impressive features to enable your workshop to provide the best balance.

Features SmartWeight Pro Lite GSP9200 Touch Road Force® Elite
Equipment Type Value Standard Balancer Standard Wheel Balancer Diagnostic Wheel Balancer
Max Assembly Weight 68Kg 68Kg 79Kg
Max Assembly Diameter (inches) 38 in 38 in 38 in
Cycle Time, Floor to Floor (seconds) 75 Sec 67 Sec
Color LCD Display
Servo Stop
BDC Laser
CenteringCheck® Automatic
Training Videos
3D Modeling of tire/wheel assembly
eCal™ X
Touch Screen X
Road Force® Measurement X X
Runout Measurement X X
Rim Runout Measurement X X
Inflation Station X X
Auto-Up Hood X X
TranzSaver™ X X
BullsEye™ Collets Option Option
Automatic Runout Measurement X X
Rim Scan NEW X X
Dual Camera Vision System NEW X
Automatic Wheel Measurement NEW X
Hammerhead option
Printer X
Wheel Lift Option Option Option
Manufacturer Approvals X VWG VWG, MB, Aston Martin, JLR