The Hunter TCX 45 Swing Arm Tyre Changer

The Hunter TCX45 is a compact entry-level tyre changer, with its straight forward manual position swing arm column, it is easy to use on standard wheel assemblies.

The TCX45 tyre changer is ideal for new workshops or centres looking to add tyre changing to their services. Learn more about the TCX 45 swing arm tyre changer below, and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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Using a manual swing arm this tyre changer is small but effective. Perfect for smaller budgets.

Product Overview

The TCX45 is a straight forward traditional tyre changer that’s pallet delivered and ready to use immediately.

The TCX45 has a manual position swing arm column, bi-directional turntable, side shovel and bead press system. Even though it is small and low on the price, this Hunter tyre changer will leave you impressed. Despite its compact size and affordable price, the Hunter tyre changer is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Why invest in the Hunter TCX45?

, TCX 45
Manual Swing Arm

Space saving design means machine can be positioned against a wall.

Bead Press System

Assists mounting and demounting.

Powerful Turntable

Bi-directional smooth rotation of turntable.

Foot Pedal Operated Side Shovel

Hands free operation for ease of use.

No fuss swing arm tyre changer

A reliable entry-level tyre changer perfect for those everyday wheel assemblies.

Features TCX45 TCX52 TCX54 TCX56 TCX70 Auto34 S Revolution X
Type Levered - Table-top Levered - Table-top Levered - Table-top Levered - Table-top Leverless - Centre Clamp Leverless - Centre Clamp Automatic Leverless - Centre Clamp
Rim diameter range 11" - 22" 11" - 22" 12" - 27" 6" - 30" 12"-30" 10"-34" 12"-30"
Max rim width 12" 14" 14" 14" 15" 19" 15"
Tyre max diameter 38" 39" 43" 43" 45" 54" 50"
Foot Print (m²) 1.07 1.98 2.68 1.95 2.4 2.48 2.52
Controls Foot operated Foot operated Foot operated Foot operated Switch Control Switch control & memory function Touch screen or console with 'Go' foot pedal
Reverse mount Wheels also online
Bead Breaking Double - acting side shovel Double - acting side shovel Double - acting side shovel PowerOut™ shovel Upper and Lower Roller Upper and Lower Roller Upper / Lower Roller + Patented Procedure
Variable Motor Speed X X X 2 - Speed
Blast Inflation X X Option Option
Match Mounting X X X
Leverless Tool Head X X X X
Bead Massage function X X X X Manual Manual Automatic
Wheel Lift X X Option Option Option Tilting Spindle
Powered Bead Press System (BPS) X X X X X X
Automatic TPMS Protection X X X X X X
Training Videos X X X X X X
Built in Operation Camera X X X X X X
Hydraulic Operation X X X X X X
Walkaway Operation X X X X X X
Upgradable - Future proofed X X X X X X
Manufacturer Approvals/Standard VW Group, MB MB VW Group BMW, MB, JLR VW Group, BMW, MB, JLR