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What is it?

The Hunter Revolution TCRH is the ultimate tyre changing experience, expertly designed to deliver fully automated tyre changing services by bead breaking and demounting tyres in just 80 seconds. It allows users to effortlessly change all types and sizes of tyres in exactly the same way, taking the same amount of time, every time.

Who is it for?

The Hunter Revolution TCRH uses technological innovations to produce a fully automated tyre charger ideally suited for:

✅   Franchise dealerships
✅   Independent garages
✅   Independent tyre retailers
✅   National or regional tyre dealer groups
✅   Bodyshops

Why do I need one?

When it comes to the industry standard, the Revolution TCRH is exactly that. Not only does it feature state of the art technology to allow users to change tyres in just over 2 minutes, but it also handles the whole process without user supervision, allowing your staff to focus on other tasks while the Revolution handles the rest. This will ultimately save your business money on labour costs and increase customer retention to your workshop.

How can I find out more?

The Hunter Revolution TCRH tyre changer is exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from Pro-Align and is backed by the Pro-Align promise to support you and your team to optimise equipment use.

To discover how the Hunter Revolution TCRH can help your business to change tyres more efficiently and save on labour costs, call us on 01327 323007.