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It’s not uncommon for workshop equipment to damage a customer’s vehicle, often through no fault of the technician. But, wouldn’t it put your mind to rest to be able to get the job done without the risk of damaging the car? Well, when it comes to wheel alignment the Hunter Elite TD and its QuickGrip adapters provide a much smoother assessment.

QuickGrip adapters are integrated targets featuring spring-loaded arms to grip the tyre, thus avoiding any metal-to-metal contact and potential rim damage. These are incredibly quick to attach. Made from a tough polymer material to withstand a harsh workshop environment, they are nearly 50 per cent lighter than previous target and clamp assemblies.

The QuickGrip adapters adjustable arms allow for a much speedier procedure, taking you around the vehicle in just one trip before the Elite TD completes its assessment in 70 seconds, that’s over eight time faster than a conventional system!

To discover how the Elite TD and its QuickGrip adaptors can help your business eliminate vehicle rim damage, call us on 01327 323007.