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Tom King – Area Sales Manager


Meet Tom King – Steering workshops to success in the West Midlands and beyond

Navigating the varied landscape of the automotive alignment industry requires expertise, passion, and an inherent knack for understanding both machines and people. Tom King, our Area Sales Manager for the West Midlands and potentially further south, embodies these traits with an energy that’s infectious. His expertise? Indisputable. His choice in cars and tunes? Tasteful. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the man who’s been steering workshops to prosperity since joining the Pro-Align family.


Phone: 07855 218325

LinkedIn: Tom King’s LinkedIn Profile

Get to know Tom:

  • First set of wheels? A Fiat Punto. Reliable and timeless.
  • Driving test triumphs? Only needed one shot!
  • Morning ritual? Kicking off with a warming cup of Yorkshire Tea.
  • Car jam? Vibing with the energetic rhythms of 1Xtra.
  • Car of dreams? The magnificent Porsche 911 Turbo S. Simply the do-it-all supercar. 
  • Chill out time? A relaxing dog walk, ending perfectly with a pint at the local.
  • Movie pick? ‘Layer Cake’. A gripping tale of twists and turns.
  • Holiday fantasy? The beauty and allure of Italy.
  • Joined the Pro-Align team in? 2022. And it’s been a thrilling journey since!
  • Pro-Align’s best tech? The Elite TD. Its blend of speed, precision, and user-friendliness is unmatched. Whether you’ve spent three decades aligning vehicles or you’re just dipping your toes, the Elite TD ensures you get top results every time.
  • Golden advice for workshops? Change is the only constant. As the saying goes, “Expecting different results from the same actions is the definition of insanity.”

Curious about Tom’s insights on automotive alignment or just want to chat about the latest in car tech? Reach out via email or connect with him on LinkedIn.