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Wayne Collins – Area Sales Manager


Wayne Collins – Area Sales Manager


, Wayne Collins – Area Sales Manager

Meet Wayne Collins: The Pro-Align ace for the Midlands

For those of you in the Midlands looking for expert advice on Pro-Align’s top-tier equipment, Wayne Collins is your go-to guy. As an area sales manager for Pro-Align since 2017, Wayne’s seasoned perspective brings a depth of knowledge to the table. Let’s dive deeper into some fun facts about Wayne and get a better glimpse into the man behind the emails and calls.


Phone: 07525 812179

LinkedIn: Connect with Wayne

Get to know Wayne:

  • First car? A classic white Ford Fiesta.
  • How many tries at the driving test? Just two.
  • How does he kick off the day? With a strong coffee.
  • What’s playing in his car? Usually Absolute Radio or TalkSport.
  • The car of his dreams? The sleek Volkswagen Arteon.
  • How does he chill out? Enjoying long walks, dining out, diving into a good book, or engaging in a bit of DIY.
  • His top film pick? “Aliens (1986)”. He’s a big fan of James Cameron’s cinematic touch.
  • Favourite getaway spot? The sunny shores of Turkey.
  • His choice of Pro-Align equipment? The Road Force Elite. In Wayne’s words, it’s “hands down the most efficient, reliable, and on-point diagnostic wheel balancer out there.”
  • A nugget of advice for workshop owners? “Always pick the right equipment for your environment. It’s a game-changer.”

There you have it! If you’re in the Midlands and need insights on Pro-Align’s offerings, Wayne Collins is just an email or call away. Reach out, and you’ll be sure to benefit from his vast experience and dedicated service.