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Mark Store – Area Sales Manager


Meet Mark Store: Northern sales maestro with a flair for efficiency

Navigating the northern terrains, Mark Store serves as the Area Sales Manager for Pro-Align. Behind the wheel of his very first Vauxhall Astra to the seamless sounds from Capital Radio, Mark has always had an inclination for top-tier tech in the automotive world. His day begins with the essentials – a shower, coffee, and some quality time walking the dogs. But beyond the vehicles and gadgets, there’s a personal side to Mark: he treasures the moments spent with his daughter and fiancée, and takes delight in holidays, meals out, and walks.


Phone: 07876 648924
LinkedIn: Connect with Mark 

Get to know Mark:

  • First car memories? A timeless Vauxhall Astra.
  • Driving test chronicles? Nailed it the first time.
  • Morning rituals? A refreshing shower, followed by coffee and some quality dog walking.
  • Car jams? Capital Radio for the driving tunes.
  • Car fantasies? The elegance of a Porsche.
  • Winding down looks like? Quality time with his daughter and fiancée, perhaps a holiday or a lovely meal out.
  • Film favourites? The thrilling world of James Bond.
  • Holiday daydreams? The captivating beauty of Turkey.
  • Joined the Pro-Align family? August 2022 marked the start.
  • Mark’s top pick from Pro-Align? The Elite TD. Paired with the Quick Check and Quick Grip Clamps, it’s a fantastic revenue source.
  • A Nugget of wisdom for workshops? When pondering your workshop equipment, always consider how Hunter equipment could save you time and money. Its ground-breaking technology promises continuity and longevity.

With a firm belief in the power of quality and innovation, Mark stands as a beacon of expertise and guidance. If you want to discuss the latest alignment advancements, Mark is just a message away on LinkedIn or an email.