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Business tip: Saving time and money with SmartWeight


Business tip: Saving time and money with SmartWeight

By December 21st, 2022No Comments

Unlocking business opportunities through your wheel balancer could be a way of improving your workshops profitability and efficiency. What sets the Hunter Road Force Elite diagnostic system apart from conventional wheel balancers is the implementation of SmartWeight and the efficient, yet accurate results it achieves.

SmartWeight identifies the imbalanced forces of the wheel in seconds using a diagnostic load roller to simulate a journey and recommend the combined correction weight to bring the balance within the tolerance. Not only is this method more efficient but it also requires the use of fewer balance weights.

Road Force Elite can solve even the most difficult wheel vibration issues and its auto centring check and self-calibration, with the Hunter patented eCal, will enable your business to further increase customer satisfaction and retention. eCal provides true self-calibration with no operator input required, giving your customers the best and most accurate diagnosis every time.

To find out more about how Road Force Elite and its SmartWeight technology can help you unlock further money-making opportunities in your workshop, give us a call on 01327 323007.